Friday, 25 March 2016

A Horror Tale Come True

So, it was End of January. I was anxious and angry, as college work for a course I really couldn't cope with due to my inability to do technical drawing, and I had a strong anger reaction to my therapist's text.....
It was the month to experience a rash of horrifying hallucinations. Absolutely horrifying.

I was walking up towards Tesco Express to buy something on January 23rd. I was in deep state of dissociation because of what happened the day before with college anxieties and how badly I took what my therapist had said to me via text. I walked towards Tesco when I turned around to see horror film ghosts of my former pastor and his family. They were following me. That is when my dissociation stopped and I realised that something was going on. They were not far away, and each of them looked more eerie than the other.

Nightmare from spring continues but I won't give up on anything. I will push through, and I will one day work as a therapist to help others with similar experiences.

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